MEMED - Medicine

Lubna Khawaja, M.D.
Carolyn Mann, Monica Bagos
(713) 798-8236
Department Lead Elective Officers for this department is Dr.Lubna Khawaja. For information regarding electives, please see the contact information for each elective coordinator.
Courses in Medicine - Pre-Clinical - Foundations
Geriatric Skills Workshops
Resuscitation & ER Medicine - Out of Hospital
Medicine-Readings in HIV-AIDS Epidemiology
Nuclear Ethics
Beyond the Exam Room: Physician as Advocate
Healing by Killing:Medicine in the Third Reich
Human Rights and Medicine
Women & Health: Outside the Trad. Curriculum
The Art of the Human Body
Clinical Cases in General Medicine I
Clinical Cases in General Medicine II
CHEF (Choosing Healthy, Eating Fresh)
Medical Chinese I
Bioethics After the Holocaust
Skills and Advanced Topics in PS/QI
COVID-19: Perspectives From the Front Lines
Medical Humanities: Existentialism, Camus, & The Plague
Current Developments in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Incarceration and Health
Introduction to the Medical Humanities
Food as Medicine
History of Anesthesia
Improving Communication through the Medical Humanities
Medical Arabic