MEMED - Medicine

Lubna Khawaja, M.D.
Carolyn Mann, Monica Bagos
(713) 798-8236
Department Lead Elective Officers for this department is Dr.Lubna Khawaja. For information regarding electives, please see the contact information for each elective coordinator.
Courses in Medicine - Pre-Clinical - Foundations
Geriatric Skills Workshops
Resuscitation & ER Medicine - Out of Hospital
Medicine-Readings in HIV-AIDS Epidemiology
Nuclear Ethics
Beyond the Exam Room: Physician as Advocate
Healing by Killing:Medicine in the Third Reich
Human Rights and Medicine
Women & Health: Outside the Trad. Curriculum
The Art of the Human Body
Clinical Cases in General Medicine I
Clinical Cases in General Medicine II
CHEF (Choosing Healthy, Eating Fresh)
Medical Chinese I
Bioethics After the Holocaust
Skills and Advanced Topics in PS/QI
COVID-19: Perspectives From the Front Lines
Medical Humanities: Existentialism, Camus, & The Plague
Current Developments in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Incarceration and Health
Introduction to the Medical Humanities
Food as Medicine
History of Anesthesia
Improving Communication through the Medical Humanities
Medical Arabic
Embrace Health