MEMED - Medicine

Lubna Khawaja, M.D.
Carolyn Mann, Monica Bagos
(713) 798-8236
Department Lead Elective Officers for this department is Dr.Lubna Khawaja. For information regarding electives, please see the contact information for each elective coordinator.
Courses in Medicine - Clinical
Rheumatology - BTH - 2 Week
Comprehensive HIV Care for the Underserved - 2 week
Nephrology - BTH - 2 weeks
General Medicine Consults & Perioperative Medicine - 2 Week
Hospital Medicine - BSL - 2 week
Outpatient Internal Medicine and Primary Care – 2 Weeks
Pulmonary Disease - VAMC
Clinical Cardiology & Electrocardiography
Clinical Cardiology
Cardiology Consult/CCU - BTH
Medical Intensive Care - BTH
Medical Intensive Care - VAMC
Clinical Endocrinology
VAMC Academic Clinical Gastroenterology
BTH Academic Clinical Gastroenterology
Clinical Hematology - BTH
Clinical Hematology - VAMC
Infectious Disease - BTH
Infectious Disease - VAMC
Clinical Oncology- VAMC
Clinical Oncology - BTH
Clinical Pulmonary - BTH
Clinical Renal Disease - BSL
Rheumatology - VAMC
Geriatrics - The Methodist Hospital
Palliative Care for the Indigent Elder
Medicine/Pediatrics Primary Care
Life with Intellectual & Developmental Disability
Medical Intensive Care MICU 1- BSL
Inpatient Palliative Care-BSL
Gastroenterology Clinic - BSWH
Gastroenterology Hospital Service - BSWH
Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) - BSWH
Clinical Cardiology and Electrocardiology - BSWH
Cardiovascular ICU - BSWH
Inpatient Palliative Medicine - BSWH
Elective in Internal Medicine - BSWH